Version History



Major changes

New Features

Added a new feature that allows users to view change details for each article version.

Minor changes

Point system

Optimized the point system for page speed.

Adjusted the point system to not give points for simply voting.



Minor changes

New metadata categories

Added new metadata categories for better article organization.


Fixed a bug where new article is not saved correctly.



Major changes

Articles Image Galleries

Enhanced image viewing experience to ensure high-quality content presentation.

Articles Metadata

Added dropdown options in metadata fields for more structured data entry.

Integrated @mention linking function in metadata fields to enhance cross-referencing.

Minor changes

Article Versioning

Article version authors are now displayed in the version history to track changes by contributors.

Article Voting

Enabled article upvoting directly within the article content for a more engaging user interaction.

UI Enhancements

UI: Change dropdowns to non-native.



Major changes

New Features

Better validation for article content to prevent short articles.

Added database index and other optimizations for faster admin page loading.

New router prompt for unsaved changes in article edits, improving user experience.

Minor changes

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue of empty option in countries list dropdown.

Resolved word break issues in metadata fields.

Corrected article title processing to ignore double quotes and special characters in listings.

Updated Algolia indexing process when creating new articles.



Major changes


Users not logged in can now access: Article view mode, User profile, Version history, Search and categories.



Major changes


Admins are now able to lock both whole articles, and parts of an article from further edits.

Articles can be reported to admins by users.

Article URLs can now be updated.

User points

Weights of points for users have been adjusted.

Article Categories

Articles can now be categorised.

Minor changes

Banned Users

Users that are banned are completely removed from all toplists and changelogs.

Article Editor

Multiple improvements including better tagging and draggable metadata to reorder, preventing duplicates, and more.